How is personal information (PII) removed from the data?

Data Republic does not allow personal information (PII) of customers or individuals associated with a Data Contributor organization to enter our platform or technology infrastructure. For legal, privacy, and security reasons, we require that all PII is extracted and securely stored within Westpac’s Data Bank prior to Datasets being uploaded to Data Republic’s Senate platform. PII is extracted from the data uploaded to Westpac’s Data Bank using a method of quantum encryption which sees personal identifiers such as those listed below combined into a single string and replaced with a Token.

Example personal identifiers which are removed and replaced with anonymous Tokens are:

  • Name (first name, surname, and middle name where possible)
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone number (mobile, home, work)
  • Email address

Crucially, no two unique Tokens are the same, so the same individual connected with two different Data Contributors or Datasets cannot be matched by their Token.

The Dataset, with all PII removed and Tokens appended are then ready to be uploaded on to Data Republic’s platform

Data Republic has technical protocols in place to quickly identify and remove any personal information (PII) erroneously ingested into our technology ecosystem.

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