How does Data Republic ensure consumer privacy and compliance with law?

Data Republic complies with all Australian consumer laws as well as all principles of the Privacy Act 1988.

Data Republic has built its Senate platform from the ground up to ensure security and privacy for consumers. No customer personal information (PII) is ever seen by Data Republic or Senate users: only anonymous and de-identified data can be uploaded. Where there is data that relates to consumer activity, Data Republic works with its partners to protect personal information by using anonymous Tokens to replace personal information.

Data Contributors remain in control of who has access to their data and on what terms. Data Republic's platform allows various risk mitigation controls to be applied to protect both the commercial value of the data, as well as individual consumer privacy. Once the data has been matched and used for its agreed purpose, de-identified data can be output to the end user but will only be able to be matched in their system based on the original Token received.

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