How does matching work on the platform?

Matching is the process of appending data attributes from one individual record in a Data Contributor’s Dataset to the same 'matched' individual in another Dataset.

The receiving Dataset does not gain any additional records or individuals, only additional data attributes on existing individuals, when a match occurs.

Not all Datasets in Data Republic are authorized for matching within the Data Republic ecosystem. Users are advised to check the permitted use of particular Datasets and Data Listings prior to submitting a Data Request Form (DRF). In the case of Datasets authorized for matching, only Databank holds access to Master Token capability in order to match Token ID’s after a Data Product has been developed and authorized by both Data Contributor parties and Data Republic.

Data Republic is committed to delivering an ethical data exchange solution for organizations and society as a whole, as such we place strict limitations on the types of matches which can occur, the volume of matched records allowed within an exchange, and the proposed application or use of this matched data. Data Republic reserves the right to suspend and reject any data exchanges and proposed applications which fail to meet our Ethics Charter. 


You can read more information about Databank via their website 

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