What is the Senate platform?

Senate is the name of Data Republic’s trust platform for secure and ethical data exchange.

The Senate platform has been designed to:

  • Provide a secure platform for companies with data (Data Contributors) to store Datasets they wish to authorize for exchange and to keep this data secure from un-authorized access.
  • Preserve customer privacy and ensure the ethical exchange of data, both through the compulsory removal of personal information (PII) via Westpac’s Data Bank prior to data being ingested onto the platform and through enforced security and governance protocols which prevent both the re-identification of anonymous data and the unethical application of insights. 
  • Deliver a legal and governance framework for the secure and ethical negotiation and provision of data exchange agreements between consenting organizations. 

Senate is the primary application and access point for authorized Data Republic Data Contributors and Certified Users to list Datasets, request and analyze data in devoted Data Science Workspaces, and to build applications or Data Products based on the insights gained via the authorized exchange.


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