What products and services does Data Republic offer?

Data Republic provides a platform for organizations who own data to exchange data, or to simply monetize data under highly secure and governed conditions.

Our product and our service is really a platform for secure data exchange, with a unique governance framework.

Participants can pay for a range of solutions according to their needs:

Data as a Service - The Open Data Marketplace

Data as a Service, which is access to an unimagined range of data from organizations who have contributed data onto the Data Republic platform. The applications of this data are only limited by creativity and having an economic argument to proceed.

Data is normally applied within broad categories such as insights (profiling, mapping, segmentation, reporting), targeting (triggers, behaviors, context, timing, demographics) applied to individuals or segments, and measurement (closing the loop on campaigns, dollar or volume lift in conversions to sale). The analysis of data is also facilitated by Data Republic through our Data Science Workspaces (DSW). The DSW is generated appropriate to the user's needs and provides a locked down environment for analysis using tools like MS Excel and R-Studio. The results of analysis can be approved (by data owners) for export off the Data Republic platform, in a file or via an API to your relevant business intelligence or marketing execution system.


Exchange as a Service

Exchange as a Service, which is the facilitation of a two-way exchange of data. This is often required in a government environment, or between divisions within a larger entity.


MyRepublic Data Analytics as a Service 

The MyRepublic solution delivers secure data analytics infrastructure for companies who want to leverage leading technology and industry experts to solve business problems.

With MyRepublic DAaaS you can instantly gain access to technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and their associated ecosystem components to launch secure data analytics projects.  

Whether you’re running a project with your internal team, or through an authorized expert from our Partner Network (or even some combination of both), MyRepublic takes the 'governance headache' out of complex data analysis projects.

We manage the contracts, billing, tech provisioning, security, governance, auditing, and more. Allowing you to focus on leveraging data to solve your business problem. 


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