How do I access data on the Open Data Marketplace?

Step one

The first step in accessing the full library of Data Listings in the Data Marketplace is to request authorization and agree to Data Republic’s Terms of Service. These may vary depending on whether you’re just browsing or would like to immediately start a data exchange project.


Step two

Once you’re an authorized user you will be able to browse the full library of exclusive Data Listings. Listings can be filtered based on industry, business application or original Data Contributor, making it easy for you to find and request relevant data. Data Republic’s technology makes it easy for users and Data Contributors to review, approve and manage data requests.


Step three

Once your request has been approved, Data Republic’s technology will open up a Data Science Workspace – a secure environment where analysts are able to access and analyze data using a variety of authorized tools. Having run your analysis and received approval for your final Data Product (for example a propensity score), you will now be able to export your work.

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