As an individual, can I opt in/out of having my data used?

We get it. Even though we’ve worked hard to build data exchange infrastructure which protects consumer privacy (and removes existing privacy risks) , some consumers may not feel comfortable with their service provider exchanging de-identified insights to provide more personalized services.

We’re currently working to develop a single ‘opt-out’ tool for consumers.

We hope to release this in 2017.

In the meantime, you can directly request that the organization (of which you are an existing customer) not to use or disclose their personal information for the purpose of direct marketing, or for the purpose of facilitating direct marketing by other organizations (APP 7.6).

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the organization must give effect to any such request by an individual within a reasonable period of time and for free (APP 7.7).

You can read more about Australian Privacy Principles and your rights as a consumer below:

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