What is Databank?

Databank is a bank-grade security platform developed by Westpac in conjunction with Data Republic, which allows corporate clients that have obtained appropriate permissions from their customers to securely separate and store customer information on dedicated bank-grade security infrastructure.

This separation of PII enables Data Contributors to safely and securely authorize de-identified data insights for analysis and exchange while maintaining the privacy and legal rights of consumers. The security assigned to customer PII data via the Databank and Data Republic infrastructure is second to none.

Databank’s platform ensures that no customer PII data is ever accessible on Data Republic’s Senate platform. In the unlikely case of any breach of either system, this also means that complete individual information or the transactional information cannot be joined (reattached). Databank has the capacity to join Datasets supplied by different data owners, provided that permission has been obtained from the data owners. Personally identifiable fields are compared individually across two databases, and matches can be identified using a rules engine. Data owners can be assured of a maximum match where data is of high and consistent quality, and includes as many of the Databank fields as possible. The results of matching are made available only through Senate (ensuring appropriate governance), where the power of insights from your own data can be combined with fields from another data owner and applied to your analytical and business outcomes.

You can read more information about Databank on their website


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