Senate Release notes 2017-10-16

Since the major Senate 2 release, we’ve been working hard to make sure that the end-to-end user experience is polished. While squashing bugs and adding improvements, we actioned a load of user feedback to make Senate 2 easier to work with.

Key changes:

  • Organisations can now self-manage their users and their permissions
    • "Organisations" option added to the main menu
    • See which users are within an organisation, alongside their permission levels
    • Added "Org Admin" permission to allow for a User to add/remove permissions within their organisation
  • Improvements were added to file ingestion
    • 'Load jobs' now shows all jobs loading and/or loaded for an organisation
    • Ingestion validation bugs fixed
  • We actioned a heap of feedback from our users
    • Ability to sort projects by name / created date
    • Ability to Search conversations
    • Database prefix names removed from view builder
    • Email notifications changed from 3hrs to 1hr
    • Specific dates appear on conversation history
    • Data product description character count increased
  • The UI had a minor facelift
  • The DRF process has been improved
  • We fixed a variety of bugs
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